Uli Osterwalder, Scientific Adviser Sun Protection

I was approached by Angeli when she was a student at the London College of Fashion and I was working in the field of Sun Protection for a global company in Switzerland. She was interested in seeking my opinion and discussing with me the scientific background for the development of UV protective fabrics.

Angeli was so dedicated that she carried her idea through into her professional life. Through my interest and expertise in Sun Protection our paths crossed several times over the last 15 years.

Angeli has managed to promote fashion in the field of sun protection. SunSilbilty.co.uk is the most comprehensive webpage on sun protection that I have ever seen.

My only advise, not to be too modest about the performance of protective garments. SunSiblility provides not only, comfortable UV protective products, but comfortable, comprehensive SUN PROTECTION; clothing protects beyond the UV range, well into blue light, visible and infra red.

This distinction becomes more and more important as the awareness of skin damaging effects of visible light increases. There is also the safety aspect, that with clothing we do not have to worry about any absorption of any ingredients into the skin.

I wish Angeli all the best in her pursuit and further development of SunSiblility., ,

(Basel, Switzerland)

08/03/2019 14:16:36

Linda Dennis

Our fitter was exceptional. He was professional, informative and very efficient. It only took him and his helper two hours to do the house after cutting the pieces to size where they work. When they did the car, they picked it up in the morning and delivered it back at lunchtime. Both these things have made my quality of life so much better, in fact really, really better !!



R Matthews

Angeli was very helpful in all our dealings with SunSibility, both at a personal level and in terms of connecting us with Tim, who supplied and fitted Llumar AU85 film to all our windows to block UVA. This has been life-changing; we have been living with blinds down and curtains drawn since my diagnosis with discoid lupus. It is a huge relief to be safe from the sun indoors, and to be able to let in the light without worrying and having to use sunscreen from dawn to dusk. Angeli was positive, practical, kind and reassuring- as was Tim. We are very greatful to have connected with them both,



B Ryder

I have been a customer of SunSibility for fifteen years. I really appreciate the personal service and that my chosen garment could be customised to meet my particular requirements. Also that SunSibility is one of the few UK producers of UV protective Clothing and offers a comprehensive range of attire. 10/10 Quality Design Assistance Longevity of Product and Customer Service,

(Isle of White)


Sarah Boulter

Angeli - one of my new socks in action! Although it's warm here, it's not quite warm enough to try out swimming in it yet, but it's brilliant for keeping the sun off my leg.Thank you for helping me get back on our boat once more., , ,

(Hampshire, August 2018)


Christine Starr

I have been diagnosed with malignant melanoma and was very weary of going outdoors in the summer time, I love the outdoors too but since finding SunSibility my life has changed. I can now go out with confidence knowing that i am protected when wearing the shirts and trousers purchased from you. Thank you for giving me my summer back !, , ,

(Hertford, August 2018)


C Begley

I'm very pleased with the general performance , durability, comfort and breathability of these outstanding socks.

My smartphone pedometer informs me I've been averaging around 5 miles/ day, wearing the socks on a rough estimate of 33% of time ( I go to sunny climes in winter, Spain, Turkey). I've walked several hundred miles in these socks and there's hardly any abrasion on the material!

The socks can do several days walking with minimal foul odour and wick away moisture effectively.

The socks wash well with excellent colour/shape retention. The sun protection they provide is invaluable to me, I'm delighted with them :-)

Do let me know the progress you've made in the production of these socks. It would be reassuring to know I can get a replacement if lost or if they wear out; IF they ever do wear out! :-D

Very well done for crafting such a splendid product. 

With much appreciation.

C Begley

, ,

(Hartlepool 02/07/18)


Debereh Rance

Thank you so much for the gloves, they are beyond perfection, they fit like a glove!!!!!!  Can’t believe how much my old ones had thinned, these ones are so thick and lovely, will be trying them out today.


, ,

(Norfolk 27/06/18)


Hazel & Paul

I was so pleased to find the website for Sunsibility. My husband suffers with his skin and has a predisposition for skin cancer. It is very difficult to find UPF +50 clothing for adults.  The quality and range that the company offers is excellent, and I would have no hesitation in recommending that you order from them.  They are very helpful over the telephone and our goods arrived as promised.  We have ordered items a few times now and have never been disappointed.

Hazel and Paul

, , ,

(Richmond 1/07/18)


Angela Durrer

"These hats are special- easy to pack and much admired.", ,



Amanda Shaw

Wow, amazing!!! For the first time in my life I've been able to swim abroad in the blistering heat and sunshine with my children and walk around in 31degree temperatures for a week without getting one single outbreak and I'm crying with gratitude at your amazing clothing and sun umbrella. Thank you thank you thank you, you've opened up world and I will forever be eternally grateful to you sunsibility!!! I will be advertising your company on my Face book support group page for people with PMLE (poly morphiic light eruption) where there are 1000 members all suffering and desperately trying to find some way to function in the sun. You are the answer!!! Amazing, just amazing!!! Thank you once again. Amanda,

(Upper Sundon)


Suzanne Brain

“I have universal vitiligo. I am 52 and my auto-immune condition started to show at age 3. I discovered Sunsibility last year when planning a trip to Jamaica. It was imperative for me to enjoy the freedoms of others with my 13 year old son...to snorkel over reefs and be safe from the sun. I bought a swimsuit similar in appearance to a wetsuit but thin, flexible and protective. I wore it to ride race horses into the Caribbean, to snorkel over the reef, to use the pool. It kept me cool and protected from the sun. The staff at Dolphin Cove wore similar suits and admired mine. My holiday was awesome and the most important thing for me was the wonderful memories of being FREE to explore the ocean with my boy...whilst looking pretty darned gorgeous at the same time, I might add! I am looking forward to wearing it next month to snorkel in the Adriatic. Thank you so much for your enabling service...I cannot recommend you enough!! With gratitude & love, Suzanne”,



Malcolm Haines

“DPD delivered my hats yesterday. They are excellent. And your service is outstanding, too. Thank you for all your help in this matter”,



Wendy Boland

"Because of my extreme sensibility to UVA, I found the cape that you made for me incredible. I've used it in all sorts of circumstances. I live by the sea, so it is a great cover up when sitting at the beach, and I've used it on long car journeys (I'm disabled so have to sit in front with the driver!), around the house on hot days, and as a bed cover during the summer months. I just could not manage without it!" - Wendy Bowland, Devon, ,



J Giddings

The clothes we have purchased from SunSibility have enabled our 7 year old daughter and us to enjoy a summer outside. Our daughter has Actinic Dermatitis. This means that her skin creates eczema within seconds of being exposed to UV Light. We had previously tried sun suits from major retailers but she had still burnt through them. We had all but given up hope when we came across SunSibility. We tentatively purchased a long-sleeved turtle neck top not really believing it would work. How Wrong we were! The top fully protected her skin and allowed her to play outside as much as she wanted. In the summer, we holidayed in the Scilly Isles, where the UV is typically UV8 or higher. Again, we had no flare-ups whilst wearing SunSibility products. To be able to allow her to play on the beach and in the sea was such a joy. We now own a number of SunSibility products and recently have had the pleasure of working with SunSibility to create some vests for her to wear under her school blouses. These will enable her to enjoy a normal school playtime and sports during the Spring and Summer months. We are fortunate and grateful to have found SunSibility and can’t recommend them and their products enough. ,



Jenny Fullard

I have just returned from an amazing 76 night cruise around Africa and the Indian Ocean, and nearly all of our destinations were extremely hot. In Zanzibar and Madagascar it was 95F.  I wore one of my four blouses with long sleeves and my drawstring trousers whenever I was outside. I find them so easy to wash ,( no ironing ) are extremely comfortable and I have chosen lovely vibrant colours for the blouses.

It has been a pleasure to order my clothing by telephone as Angeli is so helpful and even takes an interest in where I am travelling to next. I have just ordered some extra clothing for my next cruise around the world in January 2017.

Jenny Fullard Poole, Dorset , ,



Mr Clatworthy, Taunton

After I had viewed online the various hats that I was interested in I sent an email to SunSibility. In no time at all I had a reply that was very helpful and contained not only information on hats but also other helpful ideas on what might fulfil my needs. What struck me was the interest the person I was dealing with had in wanting me to feel satisfied with my enquiry. The excellent customer care was very refreshing, and I now have a top quality product as well. Top marks for SunSibility. When I wear my hat in Corsica and Sardinia I will grin. Mr Clatworthy, Taunton ,



Dear Angeli Just to say thank you for sending the head wrap to me so quickly. I have been wearing it daily when going out for the past week and I am finding it very comfortable and useful. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and I am sure I will be in touch with you again soon. Kind regards ,

(West Sussex)


Clare Hill

Hi Angeli

As I’ve just got back from the long work trip I needed the hat for and I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the hard work you did in September to ensure that I had the hat in time. 

It went perfectly with my outfit and, because the colours were so great, it went with loads of my other clothes so there was hardly a day it didn’t get worn! 

The sun was extremely fierce, so I was extremely glad of the protection the hat offered as well.

Thank you once again for sourcing this hat for me, I really do appreciate it.  I’m a VERY happy customer!

Kind regards



(Barnet, Herts)


Else Merete Callesen

First of all thanks to SunSibility for a very good service and good first time experience. My new hat and suit has made it possible for me to go on summer vacation, staying on the beach "all day" with my daughter without being worried about staying in the sun. I had my "concern" before receiving the suit, how would it be to wear etc but it has been a very positive experience, it's very confortable to wear. It's not the last time I have bought sun wearing clothes at SunSibility.



Elaine Smith, Preston

Just back from our holiday in the Grenadines I was so pleased with the suit, it was really comfortable to wear and surprisingly cool. I had imagined I'd be boiling in it, but I wasn't at all.
I wore it for snorkelling, kayaking and swimming and felt liberated, in that I just didn't need to worry about  re-applying lotion or getting too much sun. I could enjoy all the water sports without a care of sunburn and it's potential skin hazards. I now feel that thanks to Sunsibility and the Stingray suit, I can go on holidays to the Tropics without a worry; whereas after the issue I had with Melanoma, I had thought I'd never be able to go to places like that again.
Many thanks Sunsibility, 

(Elaine Smith.)


RJ, Stratford-on-Avon

Thanks so much for delivering this hooded top in just one week before we went to Greece in September.  With the sun hot and high all day, it made all the difference for my wife.


Tracey Newman, Worcester

"SunSibility Clothing enabled me to work as sensitive to UV rays in florescent lighting as well as the sun"

(Tracey Newman, Worcester)


Bridgette Whitmore

"Really Pleased, This gave my mum a new lease of life on holiday ", ,

(Bridgette Whitmore, Little London)


Konstantionos, Athens

You do everything to keep the customer satisfied. You shipped my order faster in order to have it for my vacations and before you call me to correct my order because you suspect it was wrong due to my mistake. I’m very happy to learn about you and everything I will need about protective UV clothes is going to be from you. Thank you

, ,

(Konstantinos, Athens)


Rebecca Davenport

"Hello Sunsibility

Thank you so much for your efforts in getting the clothes to me before my weekend away. They arrived the day before we travelled.

I was very impressed with the sun protection they provide. I felt absolutely safe, and at the same time, the fabric was cool and comfortable. The breeze passed through easily, making them very pleasant to wear.

These clothes are definitely going to be a helpful addition to my wardrobe, and the large wrap in particular will have dozens of uses. I put it over my knees in the car and it was great.

I will certainly be ordering again.

Companies like yours are a god-send to me, and I would be happy to help spread the word. "

Rebecca Davenpo, ,



Julia Rose ( Fiji )

Have recieved the order and very pleased with the umbrellas !
Many Thanks x



Lynn, Essex

All three tops I bought have had regular use & i'm very pleased with them.  The fabric look and feels different to anything I would normally wear, I quickly got used to it.  The fabric is very comfortable & light, It washes well and doesn't need ironing, what more could you ask ? I would recommend this company to my friends and delighted to buy from you again !"  The creams have also all been good and will definitley be getting some more,

Best Wishes, Lynn ( Essex ),



Raven Draikini

“Once again, great site, I searched the web and there's not alot out there and the ones I did find were all shorts and t shirts only, which is not much good to me, I nearly had kittens when I saw your fabulous range of clothing, my only problem is what to choose, now I'm gagging at the bit to get it ordered!

Thanks again,

Best Wishes,

Raven, North Yorkshire


(North Yorkshire)


Alan Summers

Keep doing what you do please.  These gloves have made a huge difference to my life !

Comfortable & convenient protection.  Making a positive difference to what i'm able to do.

Understanding & Friendly service too !




Elaine Davis, Berkshire

My Bolero fitted the bill exactly & the novel design complemented my summer dresses as well as covering up my arms !!  Excellent service, beautifully presented, an exemplary 'package'.  The fabric was 'tested' on the warmest of Days ! Fashionable & Stylish Armour - Able to face Mr Sun with Confidence !!

Elaine Davis, Berkshire,



Wendy Elsmore, Fashion Expert on ITV'S This Morning ( May 2008 )

" sunsibility.co.uk - This company, absolutley amazing ! They specialise in protective clothing fabrics that are comfortable & breathable too.  Made to measure, perfectly fitting, they have a range for children, men and women.  Take a look you'll love them - Brilliant !! "

Wendy Elsmore, Fashion Expert on ITV'S This Morning ( May 2008 ),

(Fashion Expert on ITV'S This Morning )


Mary Curran

"Hello Angeli

Thanks, I am really pleased with my dress. The colour, fit and length are great. Your Sun Protective clothing has been wonderful over the years in allowing me to enjoy the sunshine. The reassurance of SP50 clothes has made a big difference to me in the summer months.

Bye for now"
Mary Curran ( Glasgow, ,



Christine Maier

Dear Angeli,

Many thanks for your outstanding service and of course your excellent products. I purchased a pair of detachable sleeves from you to protect a large and very colourful tattoo from the sunrays during the summer months. Very good fit that does not restrain or impair movement which suits me as I am very active, lovely colour and cut, and the fabric is very comfortable even in hot weather. I have washed it already, it's very easy to take care of, dries very quickly and the colour does not bleed from the fabric, not even in the first wash. Many thanks, I will definitely be back for more if I ever need anything else, so please keep up the good work!

Many thanks !  Christine Maier



Diane Martey

Hi Angeli

Just to let you know the wraps arrived this morning.  They are absolutely perfect.  Many thanks for all your help with this order.  Fantastic customer service, speedy delivery & excellent great value products."
I will be hoping to order more in the future, so if you have a mailing list, can you please add me?
Many thanks.  Diane Martey, ,



Katherine Kelly from Coronation Street

Dearest Angeli,

Can't begin to tell you how brilliant your products are and how amazing you've been.  I will wear it all in the future and will definitley recommend your company to others, Thank you so much for being fab !

Love Katherine Kelly xx

( Becky Granger from Coronation Street who recently wore SunSibility on her recent charity trip to India ),

(Coronation Street)


A Nicholson

I bought two pairs of SunSibility trousers a year and a half ago and have worn them constantly !!  They are comfortable, wash up brilliantly, great fit and best of all don't need any ironing and still look as good as new ! A great investment !!

A Nicholson, Carshalton, Surrey, ,

(Carshalton, Surrey)



"Hi Angeli, my hat just arrived, it's fabulous ! Exactly what I was looking for .  Thanks so much for delivering it so quickly, Cheers !

Stephanie, Notting Hill ( London )
, ,

(Notting Hill, London)


Anna Pugh

"I never thought that I would be able to take the children skiing because I was afraid of the suns intensity in the mountains and my sun sensitive skin.  But Angeli custom made this balaclava and I can honestly say that it was one of the best weeks of my life !  I could be outdoors in the mountains all day, it felt like being let out of a cage.  Forget summer holidays now, I've remembered what its like to be really happy and free . . . . Thank you Angeli "

Thank you too for being so open to new ideas and organizing the balaclavas manufacture so quickly. 

Anna Pugh, Bedfo, ,



Claire Walker

"I recently visited the SunSibility showroom and the service was exceptional.  I even got sandwiches which was a lovely and very thoughtful gesture.  Angeli made me feel extremley welcome, it was nice as I could try on the items I wanted and placed an order for my holiday in Tunisia.  Having just returned I spent the whole holiday wearing my SunSibility clothes and couldn't be happier.  They were comfortable, cool to wear and with the items I chose saw me through day to evening and even on my camel excursion.  "Angeli, you are truly talented and I will always reccommend you and definitley return to you next year in time for my next holiday - Thank you soooo much"

Claire Walker ( Bedfordshire )
, ,



Jenny Stevens

I was so grateful to find a company like SunSibility.  I have been sunsensitive for my whole life and it has been a daily struggle but I have now found the solution ! At SunSibility I can get everything I need my daily face cream, my suncream, lipscreen, all the clothing I could ever wish for along with sun protective umbrellas and a fab choice of hats.  SunSibility has changed my life.

Jenny Stevens ( Dubai )
, ,



Tina Chandler

The availability of a special design ( SunSibility Burkha ) & the willingness to meet my need, showed it to many doctor friends.

Tina Chandler, Southampton,



Janey Lee Grace ( writer & presenter ),

"I have just found a wonderful company called ‘sunsibility’ www.sunsibility.co.uk who sell not only Sun Protective clothing but also gorgeous lace parasols."

Janey Lee Grace ( writer & presenter ), www.imperfectlynaturalwoman.co.uk



Wendy Elsmore, Fashion Expert on ITV'S This Morning ( May 2008 )

" sunsibility.co.uk - This company, absolutley amazing ! They specialise in protective clothing fabrics that are comfortable & breathable too.  Made to measure, perfectly fitting, they have a range for children, men and women.  Take a look you'll love them - Brilliant !! "

Wendy Elsmore, Fashion Expert on ITV'S This Morning ( May 2008 )

(ITV'S This Morning )


Steve Williams

We got the suits yesterday and the kids love them ! The material & designs are so comfortable.  Thank you for being so helpful and understanding.  We shall definitley be recommending SunSibility !

Steve Williams, Florida, ,