Wallaroo Petite Ladies Hats Non-UPF

Petite sizes for petite you or mini mes take a look at our small range of Wallaroo ladies hats in approx. 54-55cm circumference. Available in Sydney or Victoria styles, these are gorgeous, stylish hats for the summer.

Dont forget your sun cream, or check out our Wallaroo Hat Company UPF50 collection for UV protective styles !

Wallaroo products are usually dispatched direct from suppliers and take about 7 10 working days. If you do require quick delivery or have a specific date in mind please contacts us.

UV Protection: Petite Victoria

Petite Victoria


Lightweight and irresistible, the Petite Victoria is perfect for summer fun. It's a must for regular outings to the garden, pool or beach. Made from our unique poly-straw fabric, it's shaped with a 3" crushable and washable brim.

A range of colors allow the hat to be used as a butterfly net, hummingbird attractor or fashion accessory. Interior drawstring adjusts the size (54cm). 100% poly-straw. Handwash cold. Wide Brim Petite Ladies Hat.

Wallaroo offer a fabulous range of hats which we have split into two easy categories, those with UPF50+ protection and those without. All hats in this collection are NON-UV for your convenience.



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