SUN PROTECTION: UV Window Filter Film

UV Window filter film products are usually dispatched direct from suppliers and take about 3 – 5 working days.

AU 85 UV Window Film for Cars


The NEW LLumar AU-85 Clear UV Film, the first shrinkable dedicated automotive film for vehicles is now the most highly used for UV Protection in Cars.

The AU85 clear UV is legal on the front windscreen and front driver and passenger windows as it allows 85% visible light transmission. All dealers will check that the visible light transmission is above 75% before installing the film using a tint meter. See attached government documentation from VOSA which supports this.

We would still recommend Dermagard for home but for vehicles AU85 is most certainly THE BEST.

UV rays, which have been associated by the medical community with skin aging and skin cancer, penetrate glass.

LLumar window tint with UVShield™ technology is an optically clear film, this film’s virtually invisible protection blocks 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Ideal for protecting children and animals in cars. Suitable for UV Skin Sensitivity Sufferers and approved by the British Skin Foundation.

Picture this: you head to the beach, spend the day laying out and swimming, forget to reapply sunscreen and then drive home at the end of a long day. Which of these activities have put you at risk for skin cancer? It may be a surprise but the answer is all of them. While hanging out at the beach or neglecting to apply sunscreen seem the riskiest, but hours spent in the car can be risky, too.

The glass in car windows can effectively block shortwave UVB rays, but offers little protection against long-wavelength UVA rays. Only front windshields are typically treated to block UVA rays. The untreated side windows and back windshield leave you and your passengers vulnerable to UV exposure.

Pricing based on 60" x 5ft measurements. 

If you would like to make an enquiry for window film installation on either commercial, domestic properties or your vehicle please download the form below ( window_film_enquiry_form.xls )

Please complete as much of the information as possible and submit to:

A member of staff will be in touch with you shortly.

If you can forward photographs to support your enquiry, that would be very helpful.

Thank-you very much

We would always recommend professionally installing this film. You can purchase it from us and take it to a local garage of your choice or use an experienced fitter at your convenience.

The 7 year warranty is only applicable when applied by a Llumar specialist Do contact us for an installation quote stating Make and Model of your vehicle, postcode and contact telephone number or email address. LLumar’s global network of dealers has been carefully selected for their commitment to quality and service excellence. We will aim to get back to you within 48 hours ( Monday - Friday )

When contacting us, please take a look at our 'Pricing and Essential Information' document below, or alternatively call us on 0208 224 2299.

Delivery Cost: £20.00


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Support & Documentation

 AU85 Leaflet.pdf - Click here to download AU85 Leaflet.pdf.

 AU85 Data Sheet.pdf - Click here to download AU85 Data Sheet.pdf.

 AU85 Pricing and Essential Information.doc - Click here to download AU85 Pricing and Essential Information.doc.

 Tinted2005 VOSA.pdf - Click here to download Tinted2005 VOSA.pdf.

 Cleaning Aftercare Instructions.doc - Click here to download Cleaning Aftercare Instructions.doc.

 DIY Fitting Instructions.pdf - Click here to download DIY Fitting Instructions.pdf.

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