SUN PROTECTION: UV Window Filter Film

UV Window filter film products are usually dispatched direct from suppliers and take about 3 5 working days. If you do require quick delivery or have a specific date in mind please contacts us.

Argent 65


Argent 65 – a range of spectrally selective solar control films that effectively reduce solar heat gain without noticeably affecting levels of daylight.

Pricing based on 60" X 5ft measurments. 

Argent filters 99% of UV light, making it the ideal choice for residential, retail and commercial applications where heat buildup is a problem, and natural light a premium.

- High visible light transmissions that is barely discernible on glass; high levels of natural daylight

- Natural appearence maintains building original facade

-Low reflectivity preserves views night and day

Argent 65 has replaced what was previosuly known as NSN 70

Delivery Cost: 15.00


Support & Documentation

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