All designs can be modified 1. Garment Length & 2. Sleeve Length. If you require garments as seen in 'pictured image' there is no need to modify just select size and colour preferred. Alternatively select your chosen lengths and prices will be added or deducted accordingly. You can also double the fabric on most garments to achieve higher protection, please click on 'Ply' and add to 2 - Thank you.

Garments are pictured as standard length. To receive standard all you need to do is select your preferred size and colour.

The majority of SunSibility Adult designs can be modified by garment length and sleeve length. If you wish to modify simply select your preferred lengths and prices will be adjusted accordingly. Please note any modified garments cannot be returned as they are made to measure.

SUN PROTECTION: Sun Protective Ladieswear

SunSibility items are made individually to order- Delivery can take up to 28 working days during busy periods.
We always dispatch ASAP and always try to meet requests. However please do contact us if you have a specific date in mind.

spf 50

Detachable Collar and Sleeves, Two Piece Set - UPF 50


The innovative sun protective detachable collar and sleeves ( two piece ) set is designed to protect the neck and arms. The collar is simply slipped over the neck to create a roll neck and the ‘bib’ covers all vulnerable areas on the upper chest and works with most necklines.

The sleeves are put on like a cardigan and cover the shoulders and arms. Such a clever and easy to wear item. Can be worn over short sleeved tops, vest tops and various other necklines. Not suitable for wide neck tops such as bateau, boat necklines, spaghetti straps, wide scooped tops and off the shoulders tops fo example.

Easy to pack and easy to wear, a very useful addition to ones wardrobe. One of SunSibility's best sellers. Breathable Fabric, Chlorine Resistant, Quick Drying & Machine Washable at 40 degrees. Image 1. Model wears a SunSibility Fitted Tshirt. Image 2. The sleeves are put on to adapt any short sleeve garment into long sleeves simply protecting the arms. The detachable collar shown on the outside so you can see the shape.

Image 3. To wear the collar simply tuck into any top and your neck is now protected. Image 4. Shows back view of garment Image 5 Collar is worn with tshirt & short sleeve shirt. So easy to wear and so light to carry, the perfect sun protective accessory This garment is pictured here in the colour: Nero(Black)

Available in sizes



Whilst we have photographed and reproduced the colours on our website to the best of our ability, the following may assist you when placing your order.

Due to the large variation of monitors, operating systems, internet browsers and the effects each has on each other, we can not guarantee the fabric colors displayed but are always happy to send out swatches on request, please do ask - Thank you.

Top-Ladies Modifications

Ply (Double the fabric Double the cost (2 ply is 2 layers of fabric on one garment twice as much sun protection))

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