SUN PROTECTION: UV Car Window Shades

UV Car Window Shades products are usually dispatched direct from suppliers and take about 2 weeks. If you do require quick delivery or have a specific date in mind please contacts us.

spf 50

Outlook UV Curved Auto Shade (Double Pack)


Auto-shade™ is a universal car sunblind that shades the entire window, with no annoying gaps around the edges.

Created to protect rear seat passengers from glare, heat and 90% of harmful UV, it allows them to see out without a peep of sun getting into their eyes. Easy to fit car shade, it even stays in place when the window is opened, letting fresh air into the car whilst keeping insects out.
- See through mesh allows visibility, cools and reduces glare.

- Screens 90% of UV, including UVA which can penetrate untreated glass

- Window can be opened for ventilation with shade fitted

- Quick and easy to attach/remove, fits most makes/models of four door cars

Available in sizes


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Support & Documentation

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