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Lace Parasols Adult - Non SPF Rated


Stunning Lace Parasols for Adults 18" x 18" with wooden handle available in White & Beige.

These Parasols alone have no UPF Rating however, we do now offer a fabric lined parasol for additional protection these are shown in the last two images.

To add a white or beige UPF 50 Lined fabric underneath the lace please add '2ply' This will request the lining & double the price. Beige fabric used is generally the 'Sabbia' colour from our collection.

The Parasols can also be dyed to compliment your colour scheme for an additional £40.00, please send a swatch and we shall match it or of corse you can use one of our colours and we can always line with fabric for an exact match.

Ply (Double the fabric Double the cost (2 ply is 2 layers of fabric on one garment twice as much sun protection))

This is not quantity


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