SUN PROTECTION: Sun Protective Umbrellas

Umbrellas are usually dispatched direct from suppliers and take about 3 5 working days.
If you do require quick delivery or have a specific date in mind please contacts us.

Rob McAlister -The Silver back Cambridge Lite Walker


There are many umbrellas on the market with a silver UV protective inner canopy surface - indeed we sell them ourselves. The silver lining is intended to reduce the amount of Ultra Violet getting through the canopy.

One slight drawback of this approach however is that some UV can sometimes be reflected from the ground (depending on the surface) and then again from the reflective interior of the umbrella onto one's head and face.

The parabolic shape of the umbrella can actually have the effect of concentrating the UV rays onto ones face. To combat this the manufacturers have inverted the conventional UV protective design so that the silver is on the outside and the black on the inside. This maintains the benefit of filtering out much of the UV strength and reflecting it away from the outer canopy surface.

However by having a black interior they are able to stop the sun's harmful rays from being focused on the user's head and face. The Silverback Lite-Walker is a top of the range walking umbrella with a lightweight aluminium handle and Tension Cable Technology (TCT )frame with 12 strong, light and flexible fibreglass spokes.

These quality walking umbrellas have a 12 panel canopy some 114cms/45" (max.) in width and measure approximately 94cms (37") from handle to tip. Their distinctive aluminium tip, along with the 'auto-open' mechanism, sets these strong UV protective umbrellas far above other walking umbrellas. Umbrella weight 600g (approx).