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All designs can be modified 1. Garment Length & 2. Sleeve Length. If you require garments as seen in 'pictured image' there is no need to modify just select size and colour preferred. Alternatively select your chosen lengths and prices will be added or deducted accordingly. You can also double the fabric on most garments to achieve higher protection, please click on 'Ply' and add to 2 - Thank you.

Garments are pictured as standard length. To receive standard all you need to do is select your preferred size and colour.

The majority of SunSibility Adult designs can be modified by garment length and sleeve length. If you wish to modify simply select your preferred lengths and prices will be adjusted accordingly. Please note any modified garments cannot be returned as they are made to measure.

SUN PROTECTION: Sun Protective Menswear

Mens Long Sleeve Round Neck Top WITH POCKET- SPF 50


This sun protective T-Shirt is a basic long sleeve top with kangaroo pocket. Actual pocket is sewn into hem line so is lower in reality than shown in image. Works well with the detachable collar. Machine Washable, Chlorine Resistant, Quick Drying and Breathable Fabric. This Garment is pictured here in the colour: Bianco(White)

Available in sizes




Top-Mens Modifications

Ply (Double the fabric Double the cost (2 ply is 2 layers of fabric on one garment twice as much sun protection))

This is not quantity


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