Sun Protective Beachwear

SUN UV Protection: Diamante Buckle Skirt - SPF 50

Diamante Buckle Skirt - SPF 50 | £60.00 
Belted A Line Sun Protective Skirt with a Diamante Buckle at Front Waistline. 20 % Lycra & 80 % Nylon Breathable Fabric, Machine Washable, Chlorine Resistant & Quick Drying.
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Sun Protective Ladieswear

SUN UV Protection: Long Line Jacket - SPF 50

Long Line Jacket - SPF 50 | £100.00 
An elegant and flattering long line ( ankle length ) sun protective jacket with high neck mandarin collar. The jacket has oriental hook and eye fastenings. Why not team it with SunSibility trousers as model is wearing. Pure comfort. Breathable Fabric, Chlorine Resistant, Quick Drying & Machine Washable at 40 degrees. This garment is pictured here in the colour: Toratora(Grey)
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Sun Protective Menswear

SUN UV Protection: Mens Drawstring Trousers WITH NO POCKETS - SPF 50

Mens Drawstring Trousers WITH NO POCKETS - SPF 50 | £70.00 
Plain and comfortable loose fitting sun protective trousers with drawstring. (Pictured here with pockets but these do not have pockets). Drawstring trousers with pockets are available at £70. Available in shorts, knee length, 3/4 length and regular. Drawstrings in ankle available. Machine Washable, Chlorine Resistant, Quick Drying and Breathable Fabric. This Garment is pictured here in the colour: Bianco(White)
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SunSibility Girls Sun Protective Clothing

SUN UV Protection: Girls Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Top - SPF50

Girls Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Top - SPF50 | £40.00 
SunSibility's Sun Protective turtle neck top available in short or long sleeve. Combine with shorts/shortskirt to create great outfits for holidays when going in and out the water, holiday must haves. Machine Washable, Chlorine Resistant, Quick Drying and Breathable Fabric.
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SunSibility Boys Sun Protective Clothing

SUN UV Protection: Boys Drawstring Trousers - SPF 50

Boys Drawstring Trousers - SPF 50  | £50.00 
Children’s unisex sun protective tracksuit trousers with drawstring. Various lengths available - Mini / Shorts/ Half way and 3/4 Length. You can modify these below. Perfect for day into night activities. Matching tracksuit tops available Machine Washable, Chlorine Resistant, Quick Drying and Breathable Fabric.
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Sun Protection for Kids 0-10

SUN UV Protection: Plain Sleeveless Vest Top

Plain Sleeveless Vest Top | £30.00 
Girls sleeveless vest top with bult in sun protection. Easy to pop on at the beach to help protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Mix with the girls A-Line Skirt long and the kids Hood for the perfect summer look!
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Sun Protection for Teens 11-16

SUN UV Protection: Plain Sleeveless Vest Top

Plain Sleeveless Vest Top | £35.00 
Girls sleeveless vest top with bult in sun protection. Easy to pop on at the beach to help protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Mix with the kids A-Line Skirt long and the kids Hood for the perfect summer look!
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Sun Protective Accessories

SUN UV Protection: Wrap - SPF 50

Wrap - SPF 50 | £50.00 
Available in a multitude of colours. Take it everywhere you go, to place over shoulders and legs… even as a sarong. Use in various ways! Don’t go anywhere with out it. Easy to fold and great for travelling. Neatly finished all round with a french seam One size 110CM X 150CM This garment is pictured here in the colour: Thai
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Face & Head Sun Protection

SUN UV Protection: Wide Brim Floppy Hat - SPF 50

Wide Brim Floppy Hat - SPF 50 | £50.00 
Sunsibiliy Wide Brimmed sun protective Floppy Hat. A Hat that can be folded up, packed and ironed to reshape Very sophisticated. This hat is washable at 40 degrees but we would advise hand washing to prolong the life of the garment.

We can make it larger on request but this then becomes a made to measure service and therefore is non-refundable. Please do enquire.

This garment is pictured here in the colour: Bois de Rose(Dusky pink). Unfortunately this colour has now been discontinued but is also availiable in all colours below.

Appoximate Dimensions are as followed :
One size
Circumferance 55cm/ Just under 22 inches
Front Brim 13cm/ Just over 5 inches
Back 17cm/ Just over 7 inches
Brim is boned for shape.
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SunSibility Sample Sale

SUN UV Protection: SunSibility SunSensitive A £ 40.00 Body, Lips & Scarf (Saving of  nearly £10.00)

SunSibility SunSensitive A £ 40.00 Body, Lips & Scarf (Saving of nearly £10.00) | £40.00 
Sun Protection Gift Pack UVISTAT SPF 50 Sun Cream ( £ 14.95 ) Uvistat SPF 50 Lipscreen ( £ 4.99 ) SunSibility Embroidered Scarf / Headscarf / Scarf - Email us with your requested colour ( £30.00 ) Total Value £49.94 YOU PAY £40.00 SAVING NEARLY £10.00!
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SunSibility Gift Vouchers

SUN UV Protection: £25 SunSibility Gift Voucher

£25 SunSibility Gift Voucher | £25.00 
Make the ultimate luxury gesture A SunSibility Gift Voucher offers endless possibilities for birthdays, special occasions and corporate gifting. Can be used to make purchases across the whole collection – from fashion to window films.
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NEW Salcura Skin Care

SUN UV Protection: Salcura DermaSun Burn Relief 100ml

Salcura DermaSun Burn Relief 100ml | £14.99 
This is Salcura's most effective product for dealing with sun damaged skin. It provides :
- Skin Inflammation
- Calms and soothes skin
- Nourishes Skin Cells
- Contains Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 that helps rejuvenate skin

Here's why:
Immediate and long lasting relief from hot, irritated skin.
The liquid spray sinks quickly into the skin on contact.
No known side effects and suitable for use during pregnancy and breast feeding.
No staining of clothes or bed linen and no mess when used on skin or scalp.

Salcura DermaSun Burn Relief contains NO:
Not tested on animals
Apply at least 3-4 times a day onto the affected areas. Reduce this application frequency as the inflammation and symptoms subside.

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Stingray Swim Sunsuits & Accessories

SUN UV Protection: Sun Protective Driving Sleeves

Sun Protective Driving Sleeves  | £28.99 
Stingray Fingerless Driving Sleeves protects your hands and forearms from the sun with a thin, comfortable uv protective material. One size fits all. For full sun protective gloves in various shades and length please view our SunSibility accessories section.
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Wallaroo Hat Company SPF 50

SUN UV Protection: Cape Town Hat - UPF 50+

Cape Town Hat - UPF 50+ | £39.95 
It may not protect you from snakes or spiders, but the Cape town Hat sure gives the sun a beating. You'll look great and feel good knowing that the 3 1/2" brim has you covered. Interior drawstring adjusts fit and chin strap keeps it securely on your head, even during a windstorm in the Sahara desert. 100% microfiber. Handwash cold. Wide Brim
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Wallaroo Hat Company Non-SPF

SUN UV Protection: Aqua Visor

Aqua Visor | £39.95 
Excellent for trips to the pool or sailing excursions, the Aqua Visor will keep you comfortable. Its quick-drying fabric lets you enjoy any water activity without leaving your hat behind. Adjusts to any size with a tie in the back. 4" brim. 100% Lycra. Handwash cold. Extra Wide Brim
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Sun Protective Umbrellas

SUN UV Protection: SunSibility Unisex Sun Protective Umbrella - Medium Polished handle

SunSibility Unisex Sun Protective Umbrella - Medium Polished handle | £85.00 
These Umbrellas do give extra protection from the sun and will be a valuable, long lasting & practical addition to your well-being. Made in the UK with excellence, skill and superb craftsmanship. The umbrellas size is larger than that of the Slim Leather and Comes with a Medium Polished handle. These also have a carefully engraved SunSibility gold tip. THIS OFFER IS NOT AVAILABLE ON GREEN UMBRELLAS - PLEASE STATE COLOUR REQUEST AT POINT OF ORDER OR BEFORE AS ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST.
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Baby & Toddler SPF Accessories

SUN UV Protection: Black Buggy Brolly

Black Buggy Brolly | £45.00 
Always on the look out for innovative ideas this is just fabulous. The Fantastic 'Black Buggy Brolly's creation and unique design is welcomed by mothers the world over. Fed up of getting wet whilst your little one is warm and dry under his/her cover - well now you too can stay dry with this novel and simple invention. Designed to attach to your pushchair, pram or buggy, these very strong umbrellas are available in a choice of five colours. Designed to fit most pushchairs, buggies and prams, the Buggy Brolly is a 2 section, 8 ribbed, 23" (58.5cm) radius, manual umbrella with single extension arm and clamp. Supplied as one unit and ready to use. Approximate Weight 600g
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Suncreams Lotions & Sprays

SUN UV Protection: SUNSENSE Roll On Ultra SPF 50 - 50ml

SUNSENSE Roll On Ultra SPF 50 - 50ml | £9.99 
SUNSENSE Roll Ultra SPF 50 provides your skin with ultra protection Ideal for sun sensitive skin. It is light, smooth, non-greasy milk which is easy to apply all over the body. The cream provides SPF 30 protection even after 4 hours in the water, it blocks UV-A and UV-B rays & screens infrared and visible light.

* SPF 50+, UVA and UVB broad

* Great for use at home or on holiday

*Encourage your children to use SunSense Ultra

*daily before school, even on cloudy days

*Water-resistant for 4 hours

The ingredients do not contain PABA, PABA derivatives or lanolin to reduce the risk of sensitivity reactions to those people who are already sensitive to these ingredients.
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Foster Grant Sunglasses

SUN UV Protection: Filigree

Filigree | £20.00 
Rimless fashion with filigree arms Material: Metal Colour: Burgundy Sex: Ladies Shape: Medium rimless fashion Lens: Acrylic smoke gradient Scratch Resistant Coating: Yes Spring Hinge: No
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Cush n Shade

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Vitiliglow - Skin Camouflage Spray

SUN UV Protection: Vitiliglow Light

Vitiliglow Light | £25.00 
VITILIGLOW – a camouflage spray for skin. Its quick and easy to use (spray) has natural skin tones (fair, medium, dark and ebony) is water resistant (great for the hands) rub / sweat proof (good for those awkward places, armpits) and has an SPF factor to help protect the patches from the sun’s harmful rays.
Light Vitiliglow camouflage is ideal for people with fair, 'English rose',Pale complexions.

For Hair : Blonde,Light Brown or Red

Eyes : Blue, Green or Hazel

We're here to help, please send a picture that shows your natural skin and a patch of de-pigmented skin to and we will match your skin to the right shade of VITILIGLOW.
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DaBrim Sports Visors

SUN UV Protection: Eclipse Outdoor Hat Brim

Eclipse Outdoor Hat Brim | £32.95 
Love your baseball hat but want 360° sun protection at the same time? Give your beloved baseball hat additional shade when the temperature rises. Simply pop the Eclipse over your baseball hat and enjoy cool comfort and extended sun protection mid-day, then remove when you're done and never suffer hat hair again! Great for hiking, fishing trips, hunting, spectating at sporting events, gardening, and everyday wear!

•Stiff enough to maintain structure on windy days
•Brim offers UPF50+ Sun Protection (crown not rated)
•Made from water resistant materials
•One size fits most
•Note: Designed only for use with baseball caps. Not for use with sports helmets.
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SunFriend UV Wristband

SUN UV Protection: UVA+B SunFriend® Activity Monitor Grey Mist

UVA+B SunFriend® Activity Monitor Grey Mist | £44.99 
Personalize with your own skin sensitivity from extra sensitive to not very sensitive or light to dark, and the tiny sensor will automatically sensing your exposure to these both helpful and harmful radiation from the sun.The UVA+B SunFriend senses the actual UVA+B that you are exposed to and keeps track for you! In Grey Mist colour.

-Customizable Daily UV activity monitor - for Safer Sun Time
-Helps optimize Vitamin D from the sun + helps manage safer sun exposure + Approved by the Vitamin D Council
-Waterproof to 3 metres
-Customize for your skin colour + LED's alert you as you reach your daily limit of safer UV exposure
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UV Window Filter Film

SUN UV Protection: Argent 65

Argent 65  | £100.00 
Argent 65 – a range of spectrally selective solar control films that effectively reduce solar heat gain without noticeably affecting levels of daylight.
Pricing based on 60" X 5ft measurments - To get a qoute for your requirements or request a sample please get in touch.
Argent filters 99% of UV light, making it the ideal choice for residential, retail and commercial applications where heat buildup is a problem, and natural light a premium.

- High visible light transmissions that is barely discernible on glass; high levels of natural daylight

- Natural appearence maintains building original facade

-Low reflectivity preserves views night and day

Argent 65 has replaced what was previosuly known as NSN 70
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UV Car Window Shades

SUN UV Protection: Outlook UV Curved Auto Shade (Single Pack)

Outlook UV Curved Auto Shade (Single Pack)  | £24.99 
Auto-shade™ is a universal car sunblind that shades the entire window, with no annoying gaps around the edges.
Created to protect rear seat passengers from glare, heat and 90% of harmful UV, it allows them to see out without a peep of sun getting into their eyes. Easy to fit, it even stays in place when the window is opened, letting fresh air into the car whilst keeping insects out.
- See through mesh allows visibility, cools and reduces glare.

- Screens 90% of UV, including UVA which can penetrate untreated glass

- Window can be opened for ventilation with shade fitted

- Quick and easy to attach/remove, fits most makes/models of four door cars
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UV Solar Meter

SUN UV Protection: Solartech Inc Solarmeter 5.7 UV Meter-(UVA+B)

Solartech Inc Solarmeter 5.7 UV Meter-(UVA+B) | £175.00 
Solartech Inc Solarmeter 5.7 UV Meter This compact Digital UV Meter is the perfect tool for measuring UVA + B Ultraviolet Light. Suited to window film companies checking existing & post application levels. The UV Meter is also useful in other situations where levels of UV light are critical. Features: *Integral Sensor *Compact *Durable *Accurate *LCD readout *150g Weight Applications: Window Film Tests Low Level UV from household lamps Ground level UV from stadium lighting Outdoor Shady area readings
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Panama Jack Headwear

SUN UV Protection: Cotton Linen Ivy

Cotton Linen Ivy | £30.00 
Love these new Cotton Linen Ivy caps - they look fab !
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Panama Jack Headwear

SUN UV Protection: Brown Crushable and Shapable Straw

Brown Crushable and Shapable Straw | £35.00 
Brown Crushable and Shapable Straw, with leather label debossed with PJ logo. Elastic sweatband.
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Lace Parasols & Fans

SUN UV Protection: Lace Parasols Adult - Non SPF Rated

Lace Parasols Adult - Non SPF Rated | £50.00 
Stunning Lace Parasols for Adults 18" x 18" with wooden handle available in White & Beige. These Parasols alone have no SPF Rating however, we do now offer a fabric lined parasol for additional protection these are shown in the last two images. To add a white or beige SPF 50 Lined fabric underneath the lace please add '2ply' This will request the lining & double the price. Beige fabric used is generally the 'stone' colour from our collection. The Parasols can also be dyed to compliment your colour scheme for an additional £40.00, please send a swatch and we shall match it or of corse you can use one of our colours and we can always line with fabric for an exact match.
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Sun Protective Travel Accessories

SUN UV Protection: Cush n Shade

Cush n Shade | £30.00 
"As many of you begin to head off or at least plan for your summer holidays SunSibility are bringing to you The Award Winning Cush n Shade®. This innovative product combines a cushion and sunshade all in one light, easy to carry case. Used in the garden, by the pool, at the beach and as a stand alone shade on the beach the clever cover can be attached to any reclining lounge or beach chair Comfort while sunbathing, 50+ UV Protection for the face and head and allows you to read and relax in the sun more comfortably. How easy is that ? It also comes in its own carry case and can be assembled and disassembled in seconds, weighing just 850 grams ( 1.3/4 lbs ) & easy to fit in your luggage. Available in three colours Citrus Green & Meditteranean Blue." CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Please only order if you would like to pre order for Spring 2014 Delivery where we shall send out once stock is resumed worldwide.
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Cotton Fan Hats Non UV Protective

SUN UV Protection: Fanhat, Extra Wide Brim - Non SPF Rated

Fanhat, Extra Wide Brim - Non SPF Rated | £25.00 
A fantastic opportunity to purchase a hat that is renowned for its coolness, practicality and wide brim at front only. Watch the beauty unfold… Note these hats are not contructed with UV fabric, but are made out of 100% cotton. Available in Creme Only
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Non UV Protective Umbrellas

SUN UV Protection: Gold Bronze Plain

Gold Bronze Plain  | £80.00 
This unique but plain gold bronze raw silk umbrella has a malacca wood handle to add to the subtle beauty of the umbrella itself. Gold Bronze Tassel & Grip Seal to perfect a one & only exclusive umbrella. With only twelve in the collection this really is a lovely way to help shade your self on that special occasion. This umbrella does not have a SPF Factor however is an absolutely stunning way of providing a little cover. Only one of each design is to be made.
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SunSibility Gift Packages

SUN UV Protection: SunSibility Kids Toddler £50.00 (Saving nearly £10.00)

SunSibility Kids Toddler £50.00 (Saving nearly £10.00) | £50.00 
Contains : SUNSENSE Roll On Toddler Milk SPF50 50ml ( £8.99 ) SunSense Lip Balm SPF 40 ( £5.95 ) SunSibility Headscarf All colours or Boys hat in Navy or Charcoal only ( £30.00 ) Sunglasses - request blue or pink ( £7.00 ) Total= £59.93 You Pay £50.00 Save nearly £10.00
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Ray Gear Face Shields

SUN UV Protection: X-Shield: Full Face Non-Vented Clear

X-Shield: Full Face Non-Vented Clear | £0.00 
Hybrid Face Shield - Sun and Safety Glasses Safety Face Shield - UV Sun Shield Provides eye and face protection from sun, wind, rain, bugs, sand, snow, flying debris, liquid splash and hazardous materials
-Non-vented for added splash and wind protection
-Clear, polycarbonate UV385 lens with both anti-fog coating & anti-scratch coating
-100% UVA, UVB & UVC protection up to 385nm
-Cushioned nose bridge / Padded ear arms for added comfort
-One size fits all / No adjustments needed Wear like a pair of glasses Fits with most sunglasses and Rx glasses
-180 degree horizontal and vertical field of vision
-Superior optical quality, light weight, comfortable & secure
-Clean with non-alcohol lens cleaner or soap & water - soft cloth dry
-Length 10" X Width 7 ¼" X Height 3 ¾"Weight 5.4 oz.
-Security Strap (Included)
-Micro-fiber bag (Included)
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Headwear UV & Non UV

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UV Specialist Products

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Non UV Products

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